What is 4-H?
4-H is an exciting program where you get to "Learn by Doing” and meet new friends that share your interests. You can participate in projects based upon your interests and hobbies. Our club activities will include exploring new topics, community service, developing leadership skills, and having FUN!!

Ready to join our 4-H club?
Here’s what you need to do:
  1. Complete the two enrollment forms. These need to be resubmitted each year.
  2. Get the yellow form notarized. This can be done at most banks or by Ms. Brown in the Trask office.
  3. Bring both forms to the next meeting.

Interested in being an officer?
  1. If you would like to run for an officer position, you must attend the officers’ meeting.
  2. All positions will be explained and discussed in more detail.
  3. We will nominate and vote upon officers at a general club meeting.
  4. Officers will be expected to attend weekly officers’ meetings on Tuesdays for training and to plan the club general meetings.